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Place your configuration file at the root figus.config.js.

├─ figus.config.js
└─ package.json

You can also use npx @figus/cli init to initialize a config using our interactive UI All options can also be passed as CLI options:

npx @figus/cli --figma.token="token" figma.fileKey="zz" --figma.pageName="Icons" --output="src/components" 

Figus have one config object App Configs.

Config Intellisense

Since Figus ships with TypeScript typings, you can leverage your IDE's intellisense with jsdoc type hints:

 * @type {import('@figus/cli').UserConfig}
const config = {
  // ...

export default config

Alternatively, you can use the defineConfig helper at which should provide intellisense without the need for jsdoc annotations:

import { defineConfig } from '@figus/cli'

export default defineConfig({
  // ...

Released under the MIT License.