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Getting Started


Figus is a powerful that helps to create components from a Figma design page It supports React, React Material UI and Vue

Adding Figus to your Project

# with npm
npm install -D @ficus/cli

# or with yarn
yarn add -D @ficus/cli

# or with pnpm
pnpm add -D @ficus/cli


Figus requires Node >=v14

Configuring Figus

  • Run npx @figus/cli init, and follow the interactive configuration.

Learn more about how to get Figma information Figma how to

See the list of config options in the Config Reference

Command Line Interface

In a project where Figus is installed, you can use the figus binary in your npm scripts, or run it directly with npx @figus/cli.

To download and generate icons, just run: figus


Released under the MIT License.