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Getting Started


Figus is a powerful tool that assists in creating components directly from a Figma design page. It offers support for React, React Material UI, and Vue.

Adding Figus to Your Project

# Using npm
npm install -D @figus/cli

# Using yarn
yarn add -D @figus/cli

# Using pnpm
pnpm add -D @figus/cli


Note: Figus requires Node version >= v14.

Configuring Figus

  • Begin by running npx @figus/cli init and proceed by following the interactive configuration guide.

Learn more about obtaining Figma information here.

For a comprehensive list of configuration options, refer to the Config Reference.

Command Line Interface

Once Figus is installed in your project, you can access the figus binary via your npm scripts, or run it directly using npx @figus/cli.

To download and generate icons, simply execute: figus.


[Provide examples here, if any.]

Released under the MIT License.