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Download and Generate

With just the Figma token, Figus will download icons from Figma and generate components automatically for you.

npx @figus/cli --token="figma token"

Generate Mode

Figus is capable of generating components from pre-existing SVGs:

npx @figus/cli generate

Download Mode

Figus allows you to download icons directly from Figma without automatically generating components. This feature can be particularly beneficial for caching purposes, eliminating the need to re-download from Figma every time.

npx @figus/cli download --token="figma token"

Iconify Generation

Use this command to generate a custom set of icons for the configured framework using Iconify.

npx @figus/cli generate --iconify

For more information on Iconify and its integration, click here.

Icon Explorer

To view all available icons, use the following command. Do note that the SVGs must be downloaded from Figma in advance. For downloading, use the command npx @figus/cli download.

npx @figus/cli explorer

Released under the MIT License.