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Download and Generate

npx @figus/cli --token="figma token"

Figus will download icons from Figma and will generate components automatically

Generate mode

npx @figus/cli generate

Figus can generate components from a pre-existing SVGs:

Download mode

npx @figus/cli download --token="figma token"

Figus can download icons from Figma without generating components This can be useful in case of caching where you do not want to download from Figma each time

Iconify Generation

npx @figus/cli generate --iconify

Generate a iconify custom set of icons for the configured framework. More info here

Icon Explorer

npx @figus/cli explorer

Will open a pre-built site to explore all the available icons (svg need to be downloaded from figma first, i.e npx @figus/cli download)

Released under the MIT License.