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title: Features | CLI


Figus boasts a built-in command line interface that is compatible with the same configurations as detailed in [App Config](../config/ For ease, configurations can also be relayed as arguments. Here's a sample:

npx @figus/cli --path './src/assets' --output './src/icons' --token "figma token" --page-name "figma page name" --file-key "figma file key"



This command initializes and creates a configuration file:

npx @figus/cli init


By invoking Figus without specifying any command, it defaults to downloading files from Figma and subsequently generating the components:

npx @figus/cli 


Use this to solely download assets either to a pre-configured path or to a destination specified with the --path argument:

npx @figus/cli download 


This focuses on generating components from existing assets. The destination is either pre-configured or provided via the --output argument:

npx @figus/cli generate 


This feature enables users to peruse all available icons. A prerequisite is that icons need to be downloaded beforehand. The exploration is facilitated via a prebuilt demo site:

npx @figus/cli explorer 

Released under the MIT License.